The Career Development Center (CDC) at Yonsei School of Business (YSB) aims at preparing our Global MBA students for successful job placement upon graduation.

The CDC executes various activities customized to every student’s career stage and need. The distinctive activities help GMBA students upgrade their professionalism, e.g. one-on-one career coaching, resume/interview clinic, and professional assistance from major headhunting firms. Students are also in assistance of employment support by the CDC’s active efforts such as creating positions, job postings, and resume book publication. Various networking opportunities arranged by the CDC help the MBA students broaden their network.

  1. Career Development Programs
    The CDC executes various programs to help GMBA students upgrade their professionalism.
    • 1) One-on-one Career Coaching
      The CDC helps each student better identify his/her area of interest and start designing their career plan.
    • 2) Aptitude Test
      To help each student better identify his/her right aptitude and set up a long-term career goal, the CDC provides the accredited aptitude test during the first semester.
    • 3) Resume Clinic
      To complete students’ resume in the most professional form, the resume clinic provides lectures on writing a resume as well as individual coaching session.
    • 4) Interview Clinic
      HR officers from major Korean companies and recruiting firms take part in the interview clinic including lectures and mock interviews.
    • 5) Career Forum
      The CDC invites professionals from different industry fields to share their career experiences with GMBA students.
    • 6) Career Class
      Co-working with professionals, the career class is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to define, set, and achieve their professional career goals. Following the intensive classes on career decision-making, resume writing, interviewing, project-team-working, starting entrepreneurship, and networking, students are able to focus on industry insights, keep the job search focused.
       • 1st Semester – Career Management Class
       • 2nd Semester – Career Development Class
       • 3rd Semester – Career Networking
  2. Employment Support
    The CDC is actively involved in seeking/creating summer internship positions as well as jobs placement for GMBA students.
    • 1) Creating Positions
      The CDC continues relationship with over 200 major companies in Korea to seek employment opportunities for GMBA students.
    • 2) Job Posting/Update
      The CDC provides the recruitment information to GMBA students and stays actively involved in the recruitment process by making efforts to influence recruitment process to the extent possible using YSB’s network.
    • 3) Resume Book
      The CDC publishes Korean and English resume book of GMBA students in pursuit of jobs. The resume books are distributed to more than 400 companies.
    • 4) Professional Assistance from Major Headhunting Firms
  3. Networking Support
    The CDC arranges networking opportunities for MBA students.
    • 1) Buddy Program
      Newly entered GMBA students are paired with existing students for their better adaption to school. And international students from the GMBA program are also paired with Korean students from part-time MBA programs, who are professionals from various industries in Korea.
    • 2) Business Card
      The business cards are made for each newly entered GMBA student to facilitate his/her networking activities.
    • 3) Alumni
      All MBA students from GMBA and part-time MBAs are invited to multiple alumni functions. It could range from a casual dinner with several alumni to an annual year-end party with more than 900 alumni.
    • 4) Yonsei MBA Interaction

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