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Yonsei MBA International Summer School

Program Description
Program Descrption Overview

Yonsei School of Business (YSB) offers a summer program espeically tailored for those are curious about the meteoric rise of Korea's economy and the culture that gave birth to it. if you are interested in Asian business, Korea is the place to start, and YSB offers the best summer program for you

Yonsei MBA Summer School Program aims to enhance its participants' understanding of the overall business environment within Korea. It encompasses topics ranging from an overview of Korea (such as culture, industrial relations, politics, and foreign relations) to specific business functions (such as information technology, financial systems, marketing, and manufacturing).

The format of the program is a team-teaching. Prominent scholars and professionals in different areas are invited for the respective topic.

In addition to in-class lectures and discussions, CEO talks and field trips are to be offered.

Program Composition
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