Global MBA

Yonsei Global MBA, the Real Global Experience in One Classroom.

One of the Yonsei Global MBA’s strong points is the diversity.The spectrum of nationality, age, gender, academic background, professional experiences of our students makes our program different from others.

The Global MBA (GMBA) aims to produce creative global leaders equipped with expert knowledge of management theories and a variety of business cases. In addition to its innovative curriculum, the GMBA will provide a truly GLOBAL education with around 50 percent of its participants coming from 20 to 30 countries.

The students will be exposed to a "global" experience through working with their international teammates on different projects. Furthermore, Korean students are encouraged to go on exchange or visiting programs to the United States, Europe, or Asia depending on their interests.

During the same period,international students will become Northeast Asia (Korea, China, and Japan) experts by taking numerous electives focusing on the region and on Korean companies in particular. The program also will allow students to experience the world through practical experience such as internships and case competitions.

Yonsei Global MBA ranked #1 in Korea by the Economist for four consecutive years

Yonsei School of Business Global MBA has become the first and only MBA program in Korea to be ranked in the “World’s Top 100 Full-Time MBAs” by The Economist for the fourth straight year since 2011.

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