Why the Yonsei MBA

  • Seek life-changing experience with Yonsei Global MBA
  • Graduate as an expert armed with Asia-focused business knowledge
  • Expand your insight by interacting with most diverse classmates
  • Nurture your leadership from the leading faculty members
Tradition - The First
Yonsei School of Business is renowned as Korea’s first and best business school. It has been a premier center of management education with outstanding international and local recognition for its programs.

Yonsei Global MBA is ranked #1 in Korea by the Economist  ‘World’s top full-time MBA Ranking'.

Founded in 1915, Yonsei School of Business has 97 years of history in business education. The Global MBA Program was launched in 1998 as the nation’s first English-only program.

Strong Alumni Network
More than 30,000 alumni members have created strong networks that offer lifelong business and social connections for themselves and for new generations of graduates. Becoming a part of the Yonsei tradition of excellence opens doors to a ready-made and far-flung network of successful leaders who can jump-start your career.

“Yonsei School of Business established the first part-time MBA in South Korea and now offers three part-time MBA programs, a Corporate MBA, a Finance MBA and an Executive MBA. In 1998 they launched their Global MBA program, South Korea’s first full-time, English-taught MBA. With its long history in teaching globally-minded business leaders YSB has cemented its reputation as one of South Korea’s leading business schools.”

– from the article ‘Korean business schools stake a claim for MBA excellence’ at TOPMBA.com

Innovation - The Best
Yonsei Global MBA provides an educational program catering to those who seek to become experts in Northeast Asia. Numerous electives focusing on the region and on Korean companies in particular are available to help the students become savvy managers and leaders within Northeast Asia.
World-Class Faculty
One of the key strengths of the Yonsei Global MBA program is the faculty’s passion for innovation and sharing knowledge. Yonsei faculty members hold doctoral degrees from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and INSEAD and have outstanding track records in research and education.
Global Perspectives
Participants in the Yonsei Global MBA can expect a “global” education not just in the classroom but also in the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other students from various countries and to work with international teammates on different class projects.
Career Development/ Successful Placement
Career Development Center implements various programs to assist Global MBA students prepare themselves for successful career management upon graduation.