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Foreign Students in Global MBA Program Share their Successful Internship and Employment Stories
Date: 2017-08-29  |  Read: 1,039

Global MBA is a full-time MBA program offered by YSB with all lectures in English. Students from all over the globe enroll in the program to become global businesspersons. Over 50% of students in the program are foreigners, many of whom aim to find a job in Korea after graduation. Some are currently in internship programs. We’ve interviewed those with internship experiences or already employed in a Korean firm.


Interviewee 1: Thomas Merckens (Entering class of 2016, Nationality: United States)

Q>Please introduce yourself.

A> I first came to Asia in 2007 to study in Beijing. There, I realized that I wanted to experience diverse cultures. After graduating from college, I worked as a consultant in Shanghai until I was offered a job as an English teacher in Korea by the United States government. I entered the Global MBA program at Yonsei in 2016 to study in a global environment while searching for career opportunities.



Q> What’s the best thing about the Global MBA program?

A>Personally, the best thing about Global MBA program is the opportunity to take courses specializing in Asian markets. I have a special interest in China, Korea, and Japan because I majored in East Asian Studies during college. Also, I appreciate the internship opportunities for career development in which I was able to experience the Korean workplace culture.

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