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[Fall 2020] MBA Course Application for Non-MBA Students
Date: 2020-08-04  |  Read: 675

If you are a graduate student of another unit of Yonsei University (such as GSIS) and would like to take Global MBA course(s), please fill in the attached form and submit it to by August 24 (Mon) 10am. (You can enroll in up to 3 MBA credits per semester)

Please note that the MBA courses follow our own academic schedule as below:

Module 1:  August 31(Mon) - October 23(Fri) / Module 2: October 26(Mon) - December 18(Fri)

To enroll in courses for either module, please submit your form by August 24. If you would like to add/drop courses, that will be possible from Sep 2 to Sept 4. However, given that some of the courses will be delivered online, and the School would like you to go to the first sessions, you are strongly advised to submit your forms by August 24.

You can find the list of Global MBA courses on the portal:

1) Select “Graduate Programs”, “Graduate School of Business”, “Business Administration”

2) Courses whose codes start with "MBG" are Global MBA courses.  

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