Graduate School of Business

Corporate MBA

Corporate MBA

MBA Degree


4 Semesters
(2 years)

Admission in March


The Corporate MBA is an MBA program for managers who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills in management.
The program aims to educate and train global managers by providing them with the opportunity to learn cutting-edge management theories and industry practices.
All students in the program are required to take the core courses and elective courses. The Corporate MBA is an evening program which runs for two years, and the program is designed primarily for mid-level managers and junior executives in industries.
A minimum of two years of job experience is required to be considered for admission.

Required Credits for Graduation : 45 credits
(English Courses : 6 credits / Experiential Courses : 3 credits)

Core Courses

: Financial Accounting(3), Organizational Behavior(3), Financial Management(3), Modern Marketing Management(3), Business Strategy(3), Economic Analysis(1.5), Statistics for Management(1.5), Managerial Accounting(1.5) Management Science(1.5), IT for Business Value3(1.5),
Operations Management(1.5), Global Business Strategy(1.5), Business Ethics & Social Responsibility(1.5)

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