Graduate School of Business

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

The Yonsei School of Business, Where global business trends and Asian culture co-exist in harmony!


to become a world class business school based on outstanding research and education.


To produce influential pioneering research and to develop creative and ethical business leaders with a global perspective through excellent education.
The three core vaues of creativity, integrity, and a global perspective are further elaborated by the more concrete strategic directions of global orientation, innovative minds, and real world relevance.


By emphasizing creativity, the Yonsei School of Business strives to respond to the market demand for innovative and responsible individuals. We aim at implementing rigorous assurance of learning processes while simultaneously emphasizing liberal arts and problem-solving skills.


We are building a strong image as an institution producing graduates who are not only equipped with business knowledge and managerial skills, but who also know how to give back to society and work as servant leaders. To produce responsible individuals, the YSB sends its students into the real world where they can use their knowledge and skills to help those that need their advice in real-life situations.

Globlal Perspective

We strive to give our students more international exposure through courses taught in English, diverse programs overseas, and the hosting of international programs on campus. Along with this emphasis among our students, there has also been a concerted effort to develop and maintain an international perspective among our faculty through joint research with international scholars and short-term visits and teaching opportunities at overseas institutions.

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