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The Next 100 Years of Yonsei School of BusinessThe Next 100 Years of Yonsei School of Business

The history of Yonsei School of Business is full of pioneers who accepted the challenges of their time. It began in 1915, during the early days of Japanese rule that would leave Korea barren and gloomy, when Missionary Horace Grant Underwood founded the first modern institution of higher education in Korea to teach commerce and business management, an academic discipline that was just beginning to surface even in the Western world.

Mindful of its origins, Yonsei School of Business has always strived to be the best and to live up to its reputation of being the best as well as the first. Near the end of the Chosun Dynasty, Yonsei brought together various scholars from the United States and Japan for research and education and in the process created an academic tradition of confronting the demands of the times.

In 1919, Yonsei School of Business produced its first ten graduates. Since then, over 44,000 students have proudly received their diplomas. Our alumni have followed in the footsteps of the pioneers who built our school by taking the initiative to lead Korea during its era of modernization and industrialization as well as its democratization. Moreover, they have put Korea on the map by taking an active role not only domestically but also globally.

We celebrated 100 wonderful years of Yonsei School of Business in 2015 and as we looked back on where we have come from, we also looked ahead to the beginning of another 100 years of making history. Twenty-first century business management must tackle the problems faced by humankind and produce graduates with the knowledge, discipline, and leadership required to lead and create innovations that can change human life.

With the vision of becoming a world-class business school based on outstanding research and education, Yonsei School of Business has committed to producing influential and pioneering research and to developing creative and ethical business leaders with a global perspective.

Yonsei School of Business aims to be at the forefront of answering the needs of this time by creating and nurturing startups and business innovation.  In line with our vision, we will provide the inspiration, knowledge, and networks essential to the creation of the knowledge platforms that facilitate an innovative environment. In pursuit of our goal of becoming the global hub of startups and innovative knowledge platforms, we are committed to exercising the leadership needed to confront the challenges posed by the ever-quickening pace of change in the 21st century and to preparing our graduates to make their own mark on the global stage.

Dean of Yonsei School of Business
Jiman Lee

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