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2021/22 Yonsei-IIT Dual Degree Application
Date: 2021-03-02  |  Read: 125


1. Eligibility- Global MBA students who meet the following criteria:

    - Completion of 1 semester of the Global MBA program (Fall 2020)
    - A cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.3 or above (86 or above in percentile) 
    - Completion of the IIT prerequisite courses for each major (UG or G level) 
      - Marketing Analytics: Statistics, R Programming language 
      - Finance: Calculus, Linear algebra, statistics
      - Environmental Management and Sustainability: Statistics 
      (*) If you have not yet taken these courses, you may take IIT's preparatory courses covering these pre-requisites (Extra costs to be born by the student)

2. How to Apply

    - Application period: 2021. 3. 2.(Tue) 10:00 ~ 3. 19.(Fri) 17:00
 Submission: via Email (
         * All documents should be printed and scanned in color
         * Please title your email “[2021 IIT Dual Degree] Name_Student ID Number” 
    - Application document
         1) A print-out of the application form
             ( -> "Cohort Application" section)
         2) Official transcript of all higher education institutions enrolled in (English version)
         3) Certificate of Graduation (Proof of completion of your undergraduate degree)
         4) Resume and a statement of purpose
         5) Two letters of recommendation
         6) A passport copy


3. Note

    - All documents submitted cannot be returned

    - Check that your name on each document matches your official name on the passport

    - Your application will be withdrawn if you fail to do the interview

    - All contact information written in the documents should be valid

  4. For inquiries: Yonsei School of Business (Room 406) / / 02-2123-6253

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