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Professors Young Ryeol Park and Yong Suhk Pak in Line to Serve Terms as Presidents of Two Academic Business Associations
Date: 2020-03-02  |  Read: 2,206

Professors Young Ryeol Park and Yong Suhk Pak of International Business at YSB have been elected to one-year terms, beginning January 1, 2021, as presidents, respectively, of the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration and the Korea Academy of International Business.

[좌측부터: 박영렬 교수, 박용석 교수]

 [Young Ryeol Park, Yong Suhk Pak(from the left)] 

Professor Young Ryeol Park his goal during his term will be to achieve a renaissance of the discipline of business administration by emphasizing interdisciplinary research and educational innovation. He proposed five projects to fulfill this goal: (1) Initiating interdisciplinary research between business administration and other disciplines; (2) Promoting innovation in business education; (3) Initiating a business society consisting of business scholars, companies, and government officials to promote dynamic industrial and academic cooperation; (4) Expanding collaboration with related organizations, such as the Council of Deans of Business Schools and the Korea Employers Federation; and (5) Expanding globalization of the academic society to China and other Asian countries.

Professor Yong Suhk Pak said he will endeavor to create a leading academic society highlighting the field of international business. His goal is an academic society that: (1) Reflects on the meaning of Academy; (2) Is open to new scholars and engages them; and (3) Cooperates with foreign academic societies, scholars, and multinational companies around the globe.

The Korean Academic Society of Business Administration was established in 1957 with professors majoring in business administration. It is committed to developing Korean business administration through research in all major fields in business administration and to promoting friendship among members.

The Korea Academy of International Business was founded in 1988 as a society of scholars in the international business field. It is one of the nation’s leading academic research organizations in business administration. The main research topics include international competitiveness of companies and countries, globalization of companies, foreign investment, and foreign capital inducement.

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